“Madness in Little Rooms

In this day of incessant electronica, it is comforting to know that a single musician and an acoustic guitar are able to cut through the din of software excess.

Anurag Mishra, who hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India has produced a collection of wonderful vignettes. Call it an sacoustic diary of sorts. A commentary on life with melody, harmony and the sounds of real life. No text is needed as Anurag’s instruments are descriptive enough with each note evoking an exoticism overflowing with meaning and purpose.

 The ability of the solo guitar to communicate is without question. It’s been doing that forever. In the hands of Anurag Mishra, it becomes his very soul. Perfection? No. Anurag is not seeking that in this collection. Perfection is unattainable in life so why would the music reflect such unreality? This offering is different…his music is real. Sometimes dark, sometimes hopeful, sometimes jazzy, sometimes classically conservative, it’s life in a descriptively displayed in a way that will resonate with your past, present, and future.

Anurag occasionally adds accompanying layers to his works. However, they are placed so perfectly in the mix that they literally become one. They merge together in what I can only describe as a mystical soundscape of necessity.

 One of the most gorgeous pieces of the 14 song collection is “Drawn to the Friction”. The work consists of a beautiful set of arpeggiated chords surrounded by a slow and melodic cello background. This work will leave your reminiscing about something you thought you left behind long ago.

 The beauty in Anurag’s compositions is the way he controls his chord textures. Rarely does he strum full chords. It’s as though he finds no use for them in his search for the emotions he is describing. “Finding Hope” is a journey into what we all seek, a respite from the stress of life’s never ending assault on our search for peace.

Even more evocative is the background noise that many of the tracks contain. The noise of the street only adds to the incredible vibe Anurag has produced with this release.

Only a confident and forward thinking musician would ever allow such sounds on a recording. Mix that with a raw acoustic guitar and a creative imagination and you have a place to go where the music understands you. This is a must have for all who appreciate great solo guitar music.

-Mark Jeffery Campayno


A Smooth Jazz Celebration of Life

A song about the one who is always there for you…

Link to Video:

The Giver of Life and Love

Sunday, Sunday.

“Sunday Memories” – Original Guitar Instrumental
Saint Dominic’s Roman Catholic Church:

Heritage United Methodist Church, Ligonier (Pa):


This was an ode of sorts to the past. Memories of Sundays. Sundays have been both uplifting and pessimistic for as long as I can remember. A heavily reflective day for me the questioning of “what is life” is always there. It is a day where I gauge where my life is at that moment, and where it’s taking me in the future.

I found this church while chaperoning a field trip to Washington, DC. As I sat in a Subway restaurant watching over eight ninth-grade boys who refused to pay the high price of food at the museum, I looked out the window there it was. The steeple. It seemed to be a sign of sorts. Towering into the sky on that sunny but cool March day, it was for that moment mine. It brought with it, many other memories. Those are mine to keep.

This was my Black Martin acoustic guitar plugged into my Scarlett Solo and my 2013 MacBook Pro using Reaper Software. The plugin I used was the Valhalla Shimmer. It’s truly an amazing reverb plug-in.

Here is the link:

The end result was a short but glorious musical dedication to the steeple that rekindled that which was mine.

When Love Walks Away

There is no doubt that love can test and limit one’s ability to reason.
A wonderful description of this song comes from a friend of mine who wrote:
“…its like you are emerging from something very deep, but at the end there is a sense of peace or acceptance……really beautiful…..”2015-09-08 00.26.23

She is right. We can become angry over these situations and lose our sense of reality. Dwelling on the wasted years, the misunderstanding, and the frustration can be distracting and counterproductive to your mental and physical health.

The sense of peace she descbribes can soften the memories of being pushed aside for others. It will enable you to look at things with a more balanced perspective, seeing that both had a hand in the fall of the relationship.Screenshot 2015-04-18 23.57.03

Eventually, we move on becoming more forgiving eventually realizing that it was necessary so as not to be seen as vindictive or destructive to self or others. This is an area that many times gets overlooked: How are you seen by others when you are going through the trauma of a broken relationship? You may be surprised.

There can be no doubt that the darkness can be crippling affecting every aspect of your life. But, you will wake up one day and decided, finally, to reach down and find your balance. Then and only then will you wonder why you spent even one second in self-pity.

“Melody for a Fallen Hero” – 911 Tribute Version

As the anniversary of 911 approaches I’ve begun to feel the emotions of that day. I broke down several times tonight while re-doing this video making it more fitting to what my original intentions were. This is a tribute to the greatest hero of all time. melody911He was brave enough to sacrifice his life and the lives of the passengers of United Arlines Flight 93 for the greater good of the United States of America. There is no entertainer, sports figure, or politician
who can even compare to the heroism of this man who acted as few on this earth ever would. I’ve driven by the entrance to the memorial site in Shanksville, Pennsylvannia countless times. Each time I feel it. We have the greatest country in the world and I for one will live the rest of my days remembering the bravery of an ordinary man who became extraordinary in a sitution where there was no other choice. Be proud of this nation that has given so much to so many.

Equipment Used:
MicroKorg Mini Synthesizer (HipHop setting)/M-Box/MacBook Pro/Reaper Software
Ibanez 8-String (Tuning CGCADGBE)/Fender Mustang III (Tight Metal Setting)/MacBook Pro/Reaper Software
Hero: a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

In Classical Mythology, a being of godlike prowess and beneficence who often came to be honored as a divinity.

In the Homeric period, a warrior-chieftain of special strength, courage, or ability. In later antiquity he would be defined as an immortal being or demigod.

My All-Time Hero and for whom I dedicate this music: