A Smooth Jazz Celebration of Life

A song about the one who is always there for you…

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The Giver of Life and Love


Know your nylon.

“Nylon Intuition” – Original Acoustic Guitar

A composition on nylon string guitar, this work gives a glimpse of how intimate and personal the classical guitar style can be. Not classical music of course, but just the style and vibe of music that is close to the player and listener. Close to the player because of the way one plays. The fingers are in direct contact with the strings, which brings forth a sound that is unique and expressive.
This work was created from about three differing improvised ideas. I built upon them only a little, and combined them into a composition that contains both fire and reflection. I like the way it develops and moves to a climatic moment with a short flamenco-like flurry, and then settles down and fade with harmonics. This is music that comes from within. Music that has come from life experience.
Videography by Mark Jeffery Campayno
Recorded and edited at Blue Room Productions
Herndon, Virginia USA
Produced, Performed, and Written by Mark Jeffery Campayno
Music Recorded at Musicians-inc/StudioRock of Northern Virginia
Herndon, Virginia USA


When Love Walks Away

There is no doubt that love can test and limit one’s ability to reason.
A wonderful description of this song comes from a friend of mine who wrote:
“…its like you are emerging from something very deep, but at the end there is a sense of peace or acceptance……really beautiful…..”2015-09-08 00.26.23

She is right. We can become angry over these situations and lose our sense of reality. Dwelling on the wasted years, the misunderstanding, and the frustration can be distracting and counterproductive to your mental and physical health.

The sense of peace she descbribes can soften the memories of being pushed aside for others. It will enable you to look at things with a more balanced perspective, seeing that both had a hand in the fall of the relationship.Screenshot 2015-04-18 23.57.03

Eventually, we move on becoming more forgiving eventually realizing that it was necessary so as not to be seen as vindictive or destructive to self or others. This is an area that many times gets overlooked: How are you seen by others when you are going through the trauma of a broken relationship? You may be surprised.

There can be no doubt that the darkness can be crippling affecting every aspect of your life. But, you will wake up one day and decided, finally, to reach down and find your balance. Then and only then will you wonder why you spent even one second in self-pity.