“Time Remembers” – Ambient Guitar Instrumental

The House that Waits

The inspiration for this original song came from a random visit over the weekend to a very old but glorious mansion. Glorious in its past and not its present state.

Now, it is mostly vacant and is slowing crumbling away. But, it has a very interesting story behind it, which keeps it alive waiting for someone to save it. This music is more or less dedicated to it. The moods captured by the harmonies speak to the essence of this once mighty structure.

One thing is clear, while we move through each day and sometimes forget our priorities and what really matters in life, time surely remembers everything.
“Time Remembers”

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Owner/Operator/Music Director StudioRock of Northern Virginia Band Coordinator: Loudoun County Virginia Annual YouthFest Concert Series Public School Music Teacher Security at Live Nation

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